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  • adj. Without a sash.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

sash +‎ -less


  • And in the great empty rooms where the tepid wind entering through the sashless windows whirled gently the dried leaves and the dust of many days of neglect, Almayer in his white jacket and flowered sarong, surrounded by a circle of glittering uniforms, stamped his foot to show the solidity of the neatly-fitting floors and expatiated upon the beauties and convenience of the building.

    Almayer's Folly

  • “In of that tempestuous wind called Euroclydon,” says an old writer — of whose works I possess the only copy extant — “it maketh a marvellous difference, whether thou lookest out at it from a glass window where the frost is all on the outside, or whether thou observest it from that sashless window, where the frost is on both sides, and of which the wight Death is the only glazier.”

    Moby Dick; or the Whale

  • In veering to the partial shelter of the lee side of the old structure, Bob had noticed a sashless aperture answering for a window in the low attic of the cabin.

    The Boys of Bellwood School

  • It almost touched the hut, and its top was very near to a sashless aperture in the attic.

    Ralph on the Engine The Young Fireman of the Limited Mail

  • The little town rose picturesquely on its rocky pedestal, with a large building like a monastery inhabited by myriads of swallows, darting in and out at its sashless windows.

    The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 384, August 8, 1829

  • The glow of the lantern came from the building, shining in a long, fading wedge from the sashless window, but seemed strangely obscure about the door.

    The Homesteaders A Novel of the Canadian West

  • She was standing in one of the open, sashless windows when her former protector, the old lieutenant, bade her good morning and paused to smoke a cigarette.

    Heart of the Sunset

  • Fremont heard only the sweep of the rain outside for a moment, and then the voice of the guard came through the sashless window opening.

    Boy Scouts in Mexico; or on Guard with Uncle Sam

  • And then he seeks the window-frame, all sashless, blank and bare,

    Cape Cod Ballads, and Other Verse

  • On either hand fragments of walls reared up with sashless windows and gaping doors like death masks of mad folk stricken in paroxysm.

    The False Faces Further Adventures from the History of the Lone Wolf


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