from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. One who or that which saturates.
  • n. In air-compressors, an apparatus that injects water into the compressor-cylinder to absorb the heat-equivalent of the work of compression: so called because the air leaves the compressor saturated with aqueous vapor.
  • n. In the production of the ether-oxygen lime-light, an apparatus for saturating oxygen with ether vapor. Also saturator.
  • n. A shallow receptacle which contains liquid pentane through which air is drawn and saturated with vapor: an essential part of a pentane-lamp. See pentane-lamp.
  • n. In beet-sugar manuf., an apparatus for treating the juice extracted from the beet with carbonic-acid gas to free it from lime. It is essentially a closed vessel in which the juice is subjected to the gas under pressure.


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