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  • I also what to know if most of the guys that caused this war came from a totaly different counrty called saudi arabia why did we not go there and run them out of the counrty oh oil that makes sense never mind I am so happy to see the "anti Harper" crew here showing exactly how they see the world.

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  • 12/03/09 10: 00 AM again the weird left mouthpiece rosenthal uses the word aparthaid to describe israels future. or an alternative 1 state solution. rosenbergs never criticize arabs for throwing the Jews out of those countries, never call saudi arabia an aparthaid state for discrimionating against non moslems women and rosenbergs gay friends.

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  • Can anyone imagine the reaction of a muslim in pakistan or saudi arabia hearing that the president elect of the united states is named barak hussein obama and that he is african american?

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  • | Reply | Permalink five of the worst dictators, including thrice-elected chavez, but not the fundamentalist royal family of saudi arabia. chavez won't privatize the oil industry, therefore he's a dicatator. simple as that.

    Hillary: Obama "Consistently Misstates" My Position On Negotiating With Foreign Leaders

  • British (English) Law subjugated to european Law, Banks part owned by saudi arabia, G-d the subject of intrigue and lies, Israel betrayed, Serbia humiliated, the English Church more unhinged than the non aligned movement, the islamist enemy given power in almost every institution.

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  • While there he should go on a mideast tour including egypt, isreal, jordan, saudi arabia and kuwait.

    McCain: Obama's Position On Iraq Will Change If He Visits There

  • If we had been attacked by terrorists who blamed their actions on the american military presence in saudi arabia, so we remove the american military presence in saudi arabia. that would be a textbook definition of appeasement, in fact. what kind of neville chamberlain would commit such a craven act of national betrayal?

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  • Some were obviously normed like islamic women in saudi arabia.

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  • Islam is intolerant , you try opeining up a church in saudi arabia or any other muslim country and see how tolerant they are .

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  • August 19, 2009 at 6:39 am am it cold in saudi arabia rite now?

    did someone say - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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