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  • n. An obsolete form of savage.


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  • By the way, I have to wonder now if my alma mater, Knox College, knew about Ayers 'manifesto 15 years ago when it changed the school mascot from the Siwash (it's supposed to be a racial epithet offensive to native Americans, derived from the French word sauvage - "savage") to the Prairie Fire - the title of Ayers' little book.

    Weapon of Mass Distraction

  • Note: The word sauvage was meant to denote someone or a group who had not reached the point of civilzation or religion as Europeans.

    Jeanne Mance

  • But he did understand the word sauvage, having heard it so often in the French fort of Detroit when he went there as a boy with Ta-Kumsaw.


  • Angelo Mercado, a doctoral student in Indo-European studies at UCLA, has a blog called sauvage noble "an austronesian's adventures in altertumswissenschaft and indogermanistik" that makes me nostalgic for my graduate days spent rummaging in old books in foreign languages. SAUVAGE NOBLE.

  • If he'd meant the "wild and untamed" sense of "sauvage" and he was speaking French, and he was speaking French correctly, he would have said "un pays sauvage".

    calling all anthropologists

  • Mr. Pound has since apologized, making the point that his understanding of the term "sauvage" was deficient.

    globe and mail readers respond to margaret wente

  • Un article qui montre du doigt un nécessaire changement de mentalité dans les départements IT: nombre des outils que les employés utilisent pour améliorer leur productivité ont en fait été introduits de façon "sauvage".

    The Shadow IT Department (and Shadow HR) — Climb to the Stars

  • ..andy pandy...i didn't expect anyone to 'get it' but "sauvagnon" comes from the french 'sauvage' or wild, if you will...

    Repentance: Back-Pedaling Under Duress

  • Watching L'Enfant sauvage again, I am still startled by its beauty, its restraint, its presiding clarity.

    Truffaut: growing backwards into childhood

  • Truffaut's early films manifest L'Enfant sauvage's fascination with motion and stasis.

    Truffaut: growing backwards into childhood


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