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  • n. Plural form of savant.


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  • The other amazing thing about these political savants is how they never actually specify what form this “fighting like hell” will take.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Old Reagan Magic

  • The color ordering systems I have presented show how certain savants used their understanding of the sciences and of art to emphasize different physical forms or highlight different underlying theories.

    The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe

  • Steve Silberman, who wrote a brilliant piece on geeks and autism in Wired a couple years back, has a great long feature in the current issue about autistic "savants" -- people who have an instinctive, brilliant grasp of some abstruse task, such as music or math.

    Boing Boing: November 23, 2003 - November 29, 2003 Archives

  • To this end, he had brought with him more than 150 so-called savants -- engineers, artists, cartographers, physicists and zoologists -- whose much-celebrated scientific and archaeological discoveries would help to redeem the expedition in the eyes of posterity.

    Going East for Empire

  • The result of centuries of arcane developments in the deepest bowels of derro civilizations, the savants were the only dwarves who had the unusual ability to cast very powerful spells, ones capable of levitating large objects or even call - ing down storms of ice.

    Flint the King

  • Idiots with Ph. Ds. Idiots of a rather specialized genus, whom I call savants idiots, of whom the former Fed chairman is perhaps the most visible and emblematic example " The Ad-Free Personal Finance Blogs Aggregator

  • But these so-called savants around him merely noted that few books and articles were available, and proceeded to forget all about the subject.

    The Long Way Home

  • This go `round, after taking a few scientist "savants" on a tour of the seedy side of Paris for some illicit womanizing and gambling ends up in front of Napoleon and tasked with finding an ancient weapon rumored to have the power to burn naval fleets.

    Archive 2010-02-01

  • A remarkable story about the "savants" Napoleon brought along with him into Egypt.

    Denon in Egypt

  • Why is that these teenage "savants" are almost always conservative?

    Out of the mouths of IDIOTS


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