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  • adj. Alternative form of savorless.

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  • adj. lacking taste or flavor or tang


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

savour +‎ -less


  • And behind the portrait of individual desperation lurks a wider point about a society, six months after Mrs Thatcher's elevation to power, that has nothing much to offer but a savourless materialism.

    Ecstasy - review

  • He has nothing left of man but a physical need for bedtime and a double nightcap; and even his pipe, if he be a smoker, will be savourless and disenchanted.

    Virginibus Puerisque and other papers

  • Love stories she had read, love affairs she had watched, all seemed savourless compared with her own.

    Flowering Wilderness

  • And if they do not openly relinquish all duties of religion, yet they will grow so lifeless and savourless in them, as shall evidence their condition; for so it is with them who are lukewarm, who are neither hot nor cold, who have a name to live, but are dead.

    Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ

  • Who would write vapid, savourless pages, if it were in his power to set them aglow with rare erudition, and dazzling conceptions of ethical and other abstract subjects?

    The Doctor's Daughter

  • Tobacco should be smoked after eating a _bida_ according to the saying, 'Service without a patron, a young man without a shield, and betel without tobacco are alike savourless.'

    The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II

  • Osborn did not know why he found himself so sick, and so soon, of what, to the woman at his side, was the breath of her life; he was vexed and disappointed that to him the day was so stupid and so savourless.

    Married Life The True Romance

  • He marvelled to see with what activity men and women played the most savourless of games!

    Here are Ladies

  • Mentone was of recent growth -- the old settlement, Mentone of Symonds, proclaims its existence only by a ceaseless and infernal clanging of bells, rivalling Malta -- no history, no character, no tradition -- a mushroom town inhabited by shopkeepers and hôteliers who are there for the sole purpose of plucking foreigners: how should a youngster's imagination be nurtured in this atmosphere of savourless modernism?


  • If Uncle Blair took the Story Girl away would not life become rather savourless on the hill farm?

    The Golden Road


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