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  • Having the dorsum serrate by the extension of the tip of each abdominal segment, as the larva of Nerice bidentata and other members of that genus.


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  • In fact he'd prefer to ride one of the saw-backed baggage mules.

    Lord of the Isles

  • It was a hunting knife, with a narrowed point and a heavy saw-backed blade about two spans long.

    The Urth of the New Sun

  • He could see Frederickson's men dragging thorn bushes from the slope facing the village, some men hacking at trunks with saw-backed bayonets, others pulling at the thorns so that a wide path was being cleared up the hillside.

    Sharpe's Enemy

  • The man who had Harper flogged earlier this same year, who had tried to rape Teresa, Sharpe's wife, who had held a saw-backed bayonet at the throat of Sharpe's baby daughter, Antonia.

    Sharpe's Enemy

  • Those who had the wicked saw-backed bayonets attacked cork-oak branches, others gathered kindling, and within minutes the blue wood-smoke rose like a wavering signal in the evening sky.

    Sharpe's Gold

  • Sharpe was holding a gleaming, saw-backed bayonet at her head and if she stumbled he pulled at the sling round her throat.

    Sharpe's Gold

  • He pointed to some heavy-looking masses of vapor hanging above a dim range of saw-backed mountains off to the east.

    The Boy Inventors' Radio Telephone

  • Far beyond the long gradual lower slope lifted a range of saw-backed mountains, the sanctuary of wild goat and bear, and across the rolling lake lifted other mountains sheer from the water's edge, peaks rising above timber-line in majestic contour, their pinnacle crests grazing the clouds that scudded before the south wind.

    Big Timber A Story of the Northwest

  • I turned away from the bank and raced up a long slope to a saw-backed ridge that promised largely of unobstructed view.

    Raw Gold A Novel


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