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  • n. A garment worn by men during the latter part of the middle ages, a kind of sleeveless jacket, peculiar to peasants and to soldiers of low grade.


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  • As these poised young women told the audience, open communication amounted to the ability of their parents, starting early on, to hear what they had to sayon their terms and without freaking outno matter how difficult it was.

    Childhood Unbound

  • I mean I guess if I knew the ghetto kid a lot more than the punk one (not sayon "punk" is my fave type - just an example) - and liked him more as a person, I would chose him. but ingeneral - I would chose the other.

    that kid's so ghetto

  • "sarrau," in which an antiquary would have recognized the "saye," or the "sayon" of the Gauls, ended at his middle, where it was fastened to two leggings of goatskin by slivers, or thongs of wood, roughly cut, -- some of them still covered with their peel or bark.

    The Chouans

  • “ 'Well, since I am disowned, and relegated to the sweepings,' the old man begins, draped in his sayon, and with a majesty that frightens us, 'you shall hear the crow sing!'

    Frederic Mistral


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