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  • n. Plural form of scab.


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  • They brought in scabs and thugs, called in the guard and then,

    A Bland and Deadly Courtesy

  • Just to be clear, shooting or stabbing workers for being scabs is wrong, terrible, and criminal.

    Matthew Yglesias » Economists for an Employee Free Choice Act

  • Bring in scabs, in other words, a worker called out.


  • The time from the beginning of the rash to the formation of scabs is about two weeks.

    Smallpox Vaccine

  • They are both covered in scabs and I found blood all over the sheets near my feet, not to mention a small puddle and smeared trail on the bedroom floor.

    Another Dollop

  • What was my muscles good for with no head to run 'em, -- sluggin 'scabs, beatin' up lodgers, an 'crookin' the elbow over a bar.

    Chapter 21

  • Soon, scores of vans and buses filled with replacement workers-what more than 500 locked-out workers call "scabs" - will be shuttled in and out of the gates.


  • As African Americans migrated from the rural South to the industrial North, they frequently secured jobs by working for lower wages than unionized whites or by serving as strikebreakers - "scabs" - when discriminatory white unions walked the picket line.

    Reason Magazine - Hit & Run

  • Enablers of fascism would be called scabs in a union.


  • ; yahooBuzzArticleSummary = 'Article: Enablers of fascism would be called scabs in a union.

    What do we do about the millions of deadbeat enablers of fascism?


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