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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A ladder used for the escalade of an enemy's fortress.
  • n. In heraldry, a bearing representing a ladder having two pointed hooks at the tops of the uprights and two pointed ferrules at the bottom.
  • n. A firemen's ladder used for scaling buildings. See ladder.


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  • It completely conveyed the idea of a man who had been born, not to say with a silver spoon, but with a scaling-ladder, and had gone on mounting all the heights of life one after another, until now he looked, from the top of the fortifications, with the eye of a philosopher and a patron, on the people down in the trenches.

    XXV. Good and Bad Angels

  • For all this, Shakespeare had a share in the storming of Istabulat, as will be seen; as the ghost of Bishop Adhemar, who had died at Antioch, was said to have gone before Godfrey of Boulogne's scaling-ladder when the Crusaders took Jerusalem.

    The Leicestershires beyond Baghdad

  • As one by one the rest of the company ascended the scaling-ladder, they were ordered to throw themselves prone on the flat top of the wall, to await the final signal.

    The Doomsman

  • Joan, who had been all these hours in the thick of the engagement, seeing her men were losing heart, redoubled her efforts; and, helping to raise a scaling-ladder, she placed it against the parapet of one of the towers.

    Joan of Arc

  • He was nearly killed on a scaling-ladder, too early put up, or too long left so.

    The Life and Death of Richard Yea-and-Nay

  • Quirk ran up on the scaling-ladder to the fourth floor, hung it on the sill above, and got the boys and their sister down.

    Children of the Tenements

  • Every fireman nowadays must pass muster at life-saving drill, must climb to the top of any building on his scaling-ladder, slide down with a rescued comrade, or jump without hesitation from the third story into the life-net spread below.

    Children of the Tenements

  • A significant shaking of the little curtain at the foot of the berth showed that it was being used as a scaling-ladder.


  • Parthenopæus, one of the seven, was killed by a stone, and another, Capaneus, while furiously mounting the walls from a scaling-ladder, was slain by a thunderbolt cast by Jupiter, and fell dead to the earth.

    Historic Tales, vol 10 (of 15) The Romance of Reality

  • We poured into the fosse through the smoke and a tempest of missiles, and Joan, shouting encouragements to her men, started to climb a scaling-ladder, when that misfortune happened which we knew was to happen -- the iron bolt from an arbaquest struck between her neck and her shoulder, and tore its way down through her armor.

    Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc — Volume 1


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