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  • n. The spreading of salacious gossip.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • n. spreading malicious gossip
  • adj. typical of tabloids


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

scandalmonger +‎ -ing


  • One of the fears that I often hear from people when talking about the growing power of social network sites, blogs, as well as micro-journalism and micro-comment platforms is the one of scandalmongering, or a tsunami of mistruths and reputational attacks that take down some high profile person.

    Steve Clemons: Strauss-Kahn and the Age of Reputation

  • Myself, I'd be glad to see Hillary go down but not because of what the GOP would like to do to her (Clinton witchhunts and faux scandalmongering redux).

    Edwards Adviser Trippi: Hillary Campaign Is Broke

  • With Gingrich now officially on the political scene, it's guaranteed that from the bully pulpit of the ever-obliging media we will be subjected to a 2 year steady stream of scandalmongering - a strategy he has employed since '73 to advance himself and his party.

    Newt's New "Contract" And Other Election News Updates

  • If they couldn't see this line of counterattack coming, they didn't plan their scandalmongering very well.

    ‘Disparaging remarks, rhetorical flourishes are not going to help us get to the bottom of this issue’ - Beyond The Commons -

  • Pick a special prosecutor and put the lawyers on retainer: inside the Beltway, where scandalmongering is both an industry and a form of blood sport, the next round is about to begin.

    Calling All Lawyers

  • Earlier this year the FSB ordered scandalmongering Moscow-based journalist Aleksandr Khinshtein to take psychiatric tests as a possible prelude to being committed to a mental institution -- a chilling throwback to the days when dissidents were forcibly institutionalized.

    A Dose Of Law And Order

  • The campaign will put on no scandalmongering TV ads (though other GOP campaign organizations, including the Republican National Committee, are considering doing so).

    Ready, Aim...

  • "Fair and balanced" scandalmongering isn't particularly edifying, but it's better than yet another decade of open season on Democratic presidential candidates.


  • This over-the-top scandalmongering by the loony element of the Democratic party is the sort of thing that frustrates moderates who otherwise want to see the Democratic party lead.

    Paranoia « BuzzMachine

  • For years the allegedly liberal pundits willfully ignored the horrific eliminationist rhetoric of the right and instead focused their attention on tabloid scandalmongering and outdated liberal stereotypes.

    Archive 2007-02-01


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