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  • v. To scan and translate (a Korean or Japanese) manga for free distribution on the Internet, especially in Western languages such as English, French, and Spanish.


Blend of scan and translate (Wiktionary)


  • Fans who reject the validity of U.S. media editors' decisions then justify the decision to scanlate and / or download these materials since they often claim that fan-made translations are closer to the "original intentions" of the creator.

    Manga Before Flowers — Fanworks and How the Fan works | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources

  • We may be slow right now since we are still very new, but with more staffs coming, we will scanlate faster in the future!

    Baka Updates Manga

  • It'll help us fund for our servers and many other things that we wish to scanlate.

    Baka Updates Manga

  • I just love full color manga in general and I am hoping to scanlate a few more in the near future.

    Baka Updates Manga

  • Though i have something to offer for those who want to scanlate One Piece and if i could be of any help: I can provide my preclean for you.

    Baka Updates Manga

  • For that reason we only scanlate series that we like.

    Baka Updates Manga

  • Yesterday, sadness came to the yaoi scanlation world as one of the finest groups to ever scanlate announced their disbandment.

    Baka Updates Manga


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