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  • noun Plural form of scapulary.


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  • After these followed, in due and majestic order, the females who composed the choir — six, who from their black scapularies, and black veils over their white garments, appeared to be professed nuns of the order of Mount Carmel; and as many whose veils, being white, argued them to be novices, or occasional inhabitants in the cloister, who were not as yet bound to it by vows.

    The Talisman

  • On the present occasion, he witnessed with wonder and awe the approach of some half-score of riders, sober men upon sober palfreys, muffled in their long black garments, and only relieved by their white scapularies, showing more like a funeral procession than aught else, and not quickening their pace beyond that which permitted easy conversation and easy digestion.

    The Monastery

  • As, strong in his feelings of duty, he approached the exterior gate of the Monastery, he was surprised to see torches gleaming, and men assembled around it, some on horseback, some on foot, while several of the monks, distinguished through the night by their white scapularies, were making themselves busy among the crowd.

    The Monastery

  • Cross and banner, pix and chalice, shrines containing relics, and censers steaming with incense, preceded and were intermingled with the long and solemn array of the brotherhood, in their long black gowns and cowls, with their white scapularies hanging over them, the various officers of the convent each displaying his proper badge of office.

    The Monastery

  • As usual, too, he shocked his wife by jesting about scapularies and other sacred things, but the conversation ran chiefly on General

    The Life of Sir Richard Burton

  • The wings, tail, and upper surface, are deep brown, every feather of the back, rump, scapularies, and secondaries, having a large round spot of full buff at the tip.

    International Miscellany of Literature, Art and Science, Vol. 1, No. 3, Oct. 1, 1850

  • 'Come, we will have scapularies,' and wrote their names down in the society.

    Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science Volume 11, No. 27, June, 1873

  • I assisted my friend in this task, and amongst the friar's personal effects we were surprised to find, intermixed with prayer-books, scapularies, missals, prints of saints, etc., about a dozen most disgustingly obscene double-picture slides for a stereoscope.

    The Philippine Islands

  • He was always girding at "scapularies and other sacred things."

    The Life of Sir Richard Burton

  • And he could now come to the national wars; from the battles in which popular piety saw Saint James, on his white steed, lopping off the heads of the Moors with his golden cutlass, to the uprising of the people against Napoleon, behind the banner of the parish and with their scapularies on their bosoms.

    The Torrent Entre Naranjos


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