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  • n. Software that attempts to scare the user into compliance, as by displaying false warnings of virus infection.


scare +‎ -ware (Wiktionary)


  • The term scareware refers to applications which often masquerade as legit antivirus programs and try to trick users into paying a license fee.

    Softpedia News - Global

  • The software giant says it is seeing decreases in scareware, those obnoxious online promotions that ...

    Past Tech Trends & Products: Technology Live Archive

  • The software giant says it is seeing decreases in scareware, those obnoxious online promotions that try to frighten you into paying for worthless antivirus protection, along with a decline in those faked Flash player updates that actually download viral coding that allows the bad guys to take full control of your PC.

    Microsoft reports scareware decline, praise from hackers

  • Rogue security software is often called scareware because these fake antivirus and registry cleaners can convince the victim to purchase based on flagging screens warning them about threats that don't exist outside the scareware itself.

    CIO News

  • Rogue antivirus programs -- also known as "scareware" -- had a banner year in 2008.

    False Security: 'Scareware' Spreads

  • Microsoft's program wipes out what is known as "scareware" -- pop-up ads that scare users into purchasing fake anti-virus software, USA Today reported Monday.

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  • Another notable threat last year was "scareware" - spam e-mails claiming your computer is in danger that offer a low-cost downloadable protective product, but one which simply scams you by tricking you into divulging confidential passwords.

    Consumer Reports Electronics Blog

  • The report also highlighted the rise in the use of so-called scareware, fake security programs which falsely tell people they need to install software which does nothing other than attempt to steal personal details from a users' PC.

    BBC News - Home

  • Damian Menscher, a Google security engineer, said the malware appeared to find its way onto computers via fake anti-virus software, also known as scareware. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Facebook links and so-called scareware -- malware that masquerades as virus-scanning software.

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