scatologically love


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  • adv. In a scatological manner.


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scatological +‎ -ly


  • Some of the same artists are back—Richard Jackson with his antipainting pancake stacks of canvases, Paul McCarthy with residue from his scatologically slapstick performances, and Llyn Foulkes with weird Pop-surrealist paintings.

    Laying Claim to Its Place in the Sun

  • If that has been repeated at other clubs, is it any surprise that money in football is what Sir Alan Sugar has scatologically termed "prune juice"?

    David Bernstein hopes Rooney will score with bigwigs at FA

  • They had what one colleague, scatologically speaking, called a reverse Midas touch, and by summer, the president had lost confidence in both of them.

    Rocky Road To Houston

  • I had one poster inquire about whether or not I had read the book I hadn't and I've also subsequently had someone else mention that my head was scatologically located in another portion of my anatomy, but I spared you guys reading his "nice" missive.

    An "actual" review: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 & #2 (Marvel Comics)

  • I mean, that is one sick twisted scatologically perverse joke, or rather, lots of sick twisted scatologically perverse jokes.

    Archive 2006-03-01

  • As always, the post-episode analyses are interesting (especially when Sage revealed her scatologically-founded dislike with Koffin and Weezing from Team Rocket).


  • The Other Woman: I can't imagine who in the hell would come in here, sit on a filthy bird cage, be filmed by a camcorder, and be interviewed by one of us pseudo-clowns while that drunken jerk, Exortay, wiles away his scatologically rejected "doodlings," as you so tenderly call that crap.

    From The Daily Growler City Room

  • It also has been called “a malt-free beerlike alcoholic beverage”, a “quasi-beer”, and probably dozens of other scatologically derived epithets by beer lovers in different states of intoxication.

    Bean beer. . .?!? » Japundit Blog

  • The piece said that Woodward had referred "contemptuously and scatologically" to a book of mine on the Supreme Court, Gideon's Trumpet, as Court-sanctioned public relations.

    The Evidence of 'The Brethren': An Exchange

  • Hundreds of other beetles, most of them labeled libelously or scatologically, patterned the wall all around the room.

    Curtains for the editor


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