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  • noun nonstandard, rare Plural form of scenario.


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From scenario, the terminal o having been replaced with an i to form its plural, as per the Italian -o-i pattern for forming plurals, by analogy with concerti and virtuosi. However, the plural of the Italian word scenario is scenari, making “scenarii” etymologically inconsistent.


  • I don't understand why the sutdios pay $20M these actors when they can spend the same amount of money on better scenarii, special effects, music, ....

    Is the Hollywood Movie Star Dead? | /Film

  • Ideea este ca, folosind chiar mai rău caz, scenarii calculabilă prin ecuaţia Drake, mii dacă nu milioane de civilizatii avansate ar trebui să aibă venit şi au plecat până acum doar în propria noastră galaxie. »2007» martie

  • It was asseverated by Count Gozzi, whose own plays were influenced both by fairy tales and by the Italian scenarii, that there were no more than thirty-six elemental situations for the stage.


  • There is little order, and hardly any subordination to rule in his "Fiabe", which, it should be said, differ from the commedie dell 'arte, whose manner they were intended to continue, in that they are often written out in full and are not merely sketchy scenarii.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6: Fathers of the Church-Gregory XI

  • Bancile lucreaza si cu scenarii de 4,7 lei / euro Pe piata


  • As worst case scenarios (scenarii?) go, this isn't a career-threatening injury.

    Clips Nation

  • After that, for DesignTime/mocking scenarii, we could simply define a static List with sample data in place of the server-side paged collection.

    Nikhil Kothari's Weblog

  • I for one love Herr Hendler’s Tom Clancy-inspired “crush … kill … destroy” scenarii.

    Think Progress » Karl Rove’s word ‘no longer gospel.’


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