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  • adj. Without a schema.


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schema +‎ -less


  • It seems to me that the proponents of "schemaless" actually really would like to have a flexible schema (at least more flexible than in a RDBMS)


  • Brian Lyles of TATFT fame has written dm-is-schemaless which is a DataMapper plugin to accomplish schemaless storage in a relational database by storing it in JSON with a primary key.

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  • The "schemaless" nature of many of these products is an excellent fit with agile development methodologies. "

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  • The idea is that object relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL have lapsed their useful lifetimes, and that document-based or schemaless databases are the wave of the future.

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  • A light, schemaless, mongo or redis like storage block is where my vote is.

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  • - This session will discuss how schemaless database technologies are now emerging as important and highly functional engines on which to build Cloud services.

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  • It's Schemaless - no place to define types, which is good bc contrary to what relation db devs may believe, reality is schemaless, it has order of course, not not a rigid schema.

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  • Indeed, schemaless data formats are certainly more flexible, but that flexibility has a price that may need to be paid by the rest of the infrastructure.

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  • CouchDB stores data as schemaless JSON documents - hence the mapping layer should really be a thin wrapper that converts between JSON documents and your languages 'objects.

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  • The Java SDK includes implementations of the Java Data Objects (JDO) and Java Persistence API (JPA) interfaces, as well as a low-level datastore API to access the AppEngine's schemaless object datastore, with a query engine and atomic transactions.



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