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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of schematize.


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  • (For beings possessing the power of understanding but with different forms of intuition, the categories would be schematized differently from ours.) 1.5 The Second Step of the B-Deduction

    Kant's Transcendental Arguments

  • [Politico] • Ever wonder what a particular film's color palette looks like when each frame is processed and the hues are schematized in a pie chart?

    Obama's Cabinet is Filled with Elitists: Vanity Fair

  • In Kantian jargon, the category only yields knowledge of objects if it is “schematized,” applied to given objects under the conditions of time.

    Kant's Critique of Metaphysics

  • Study of the brooch, which relates to a few other high-quality sixth-century brooches but differs in its large size and different combination of elements, offers an enhanced possibility of 'reading' the highly schematized animal and mask ornament which occurs in this group.

    Culture Minister defers export of two outstanding Anglo-Saxon finds

  • Update from Steve: Reid found this site with material on Catal Hoyuk, but I found this comment amusing: "The contours of the volcano are breast-like and the overall shape of the volcano closely matches schematized "bison-woman" paleolithic designs and other goddess representations; it looks distinctly like a body, much more so than like a mountain".

    Hasan Dag and Catal Huyuk

  • In addition to predicate denial, in which a predicate F is denied of a subject a, Aristotelian logic allows for narrow-scope predicate term negation, in which a negative predicate not-F is affirmed of a. The relation of predicate denial and predicate term negation to a simple affirmative proposition can be schematized on a generalized square of opposition


  • Martin schematized Madagascar into seven habitat zones—six peripheral segments of forest, with the central plateau as their hub.

    The Song of The Dodo

  • The information we take in is schematized and bound up with the interpretive and evaluative contexts within which its meaning is constituted.

    The Future of Human Nature~ A Symposium on the Promises and Challenges of the Revolutions in Genomics and Computer Science (Conference)~ Session Three

  • At Mathura, where sculpture early resembled that of Bharhut and San¯chi, and later imitated the forms of Gandhara, the heavy drapery of the Hellenistic school was rendered transparent and schematized in decorative ridges, creating the so-called Udayana Buddha carried to China and Japan.

    2. South Asia, 72 B.C.E.-500 C.E

  • This highly schematized chronology puts the building of the Temple about halfway between the end of the first exile (in Egypt) and the end of the second exile (in Babylon).

    The Bible Unearthed


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