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  • n. Plural form of scheming.


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  • Now, something is happening to poor Spitzer; and MSM's deafening propaganda noise is supposed to divert our attention from behind-the-scenes schemings and intrigings.

    Spitzer Hires A Hooker, MSM Goes Ballistic

  • The author also yanks us out of the present just when it is getting interesting, and plunges us into the past to the schemings of a most unpleasant character, Queen Jaralaine through the eyes of the intriguingly complex Captain Arc-robin.

    AURALIA'S COLORS - Final Post

  • Later in the story, you begin to feel sympathy for the young aristocrats who are products of their environments and who are were not at all involved with their parents schemings.

    Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, Complete Series Review | The Anime Blog

  • And the media focus on the schemings of Ms. Deng regarding her children and the Murdoch trust is a non sequitur to the story of Lachlan Murdoch and his new life.

    Why Lachlan Flew the Coop: It Was Rupe

  • These various investigations and counter-schemings came to a head in a court proceeding filed in the United States Circuit Court late in November, charging Frank Algernon Cowperwood, Henry De Soto

    The Titan

  • As it turned out, she found it not there but in the calculated schemings of someone whom she knew all too well.

    Drowning World

  • She is aware of his plots and schemings, of course.

    Dragons Of A Vanished Moon

  • Whither does the passion of evil lead! here is a perverse old man, who wants to cheat his creditors; but some mishap, which will speedily punish this rogue for his shameful schemings, cannot fail to overtake him from to-day.

    The Clouds

  • I have my plans and purposes; and not all Jacob's machinations and schemings will frustrate them. '

    The Carved Cupboard

  • Of course there was the disadvantage that she did not particularly want Arthur Alce, but her schemings did not take her as far as matrimony.

    Joanna Godden


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