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  • n. Plural form of schismatic.


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  • My uncle, who, you know, is a zealous nvAn for the church, speaking a little severely of persons whom he called schismatics; O Mr. Selby! said Sir Charles, let us be afraid of prescribing to tender consciences.

    Sir Charles Grandison

  • Today we Catholics admit that these problems and divisions are not entirely the fault of the others, the so-called schismatics, first the Eastern Churches and then the Protestants.

    Archive 2008-06-22

  • It was the so-called schismatics, ranters, and levellers, the disputatious corporals and Anabaptist musketeers, the dread and abhorrence alike of prelate and presbyter, who, under the lead of Cromwell,

    The Complete Works of Whittier

  • The "Archbishop" was allowed to do his "wishful thinking" in Santa Sabina because of the not-Catholic "wishful thinking" - theories that came out of Vaticanum II concerning the "other christian churches" (formerly correctly called schismatics) which led to the false ocumenism of the last 40 years.


  • Also according to our information, it would not be a full and complete recognition of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, but a simple removal of the sanction of excommunication; a way to recognize the good faith and ecclesial sense of the "schismatics", while full agreement on the future juridical status of the Fraternity Saint Pius X is not yet complete.

    Archive 2009-01-01

  • They objected also to the way the Northern church referred to the Southerners as "schismatics" and to the Southern church as one built on slavery and therefore, now that slavery was gone, to be reconstructed.

    The Sequel of Appomattox : a chronicle of the reunion of the states

  • Several "schismatics" too -- as those Catholics were called who attended their parish church -- had waxed bolder, and given up their conformity to the Establishment; so it was a happy and courageous flock that gathered Sunday by Sunday at Stanfield Place.

    By What Authority?

  • He was a man of high character and noble aims, caring little for personal advancement, and curbing his hot zeal against "schismatics" in his desire to restore peace to

    The History of England From the Accession of Henry III. to the Death of Edward III. (1216-1377)

  • The so-called "schismatics" were made such by the exscinding act of the

    History Of The Missions Of The American Board Of Commissioners For Foreign Missions To The Oriental Churches, Volume I.

  • "schismatics", but they were not "returning to the house of the Father" because "in effect we never left it."

    Aftermath News


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