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  • n. Any of several woody vines of the genus Schizandra


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  • Herbs such as milk thistle and schizandra, as well as the nutrient alpha lipoic acid have demonstrated antioxidant properties and the ability to protect the liver from toxins.

    Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald: Detox Demystified: Fad, Fact, Or Fiction?

  • Today, schizandra is widely available at health food stores and herb shops in capsules and extract.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • According to a 1989 article in Phytotherapy Research, polo ponies given schizandra performed better and showed better physiological responses to stress after taking the herb.

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • (I recommend that you take gingko in combination with 400 IU of vitamin E, and other brain boosters including club moss, gotu kola, schizandra, DMAE (dimethylaminoethanol, a naturally occurring substance found in food that enhances brain function), phosphatidyl choline, inositol, and serine, to get the best effect.)

    Earl Mindell’s New Herb Bible

  • Other nutrients that help the endocrine and nervous systems are ginkgo biloba; schizandra; acetyl L-carnitine; coenzyme Q-10; vitamins E and C; the minerals selenium, magnesium, and zinc; and omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA and flaxseed oil.

    Meditation as Medicine

  • For a study of female immunological infertility by Chen Xiaoping, researchers used Guyin Decoction ginseng, rehmannia, dioscorea, cornus, cuscuta, polygala, schizandra, and licorice to treat 60 women with infertility attributed to antisperm immune response.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • In a study of the treatment of senile brain function, Wang Xuemei and Xie Zhufan treated 53 patients, aged sixty to eighty, with Wu Zi Yan Zong Fluid which contains cuscuta, lycium, rubus, plantago seed, and schizandra for six weeks.

    The Best Alternative Medicine

  • Jack3d is a no-nonsense preworkout creatine powder that contains some additional items like beta alanine, arginine and schizandra extract containing schizandrol A.


  • It adds in creatine, beta alanine and schizandra, similar to Jack3d, but that is where the similarities end.


  • These supplement may contain milk thistle extract, curcumin, gotu kola, schizandra berry, and other liver-friendly herbs clinically shown to help rid the liver of toxins and improve liver functions.


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