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  • adjective Schlechter (attributive); used in taxonomic names for organisms that often have English names of the form "Schlechter's ..."


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Named in a pseudo-Latin manner for German taxonomist Rudolf Schlechter.


  • In addition to the trees listed for Sand Forest savannas, Albizia adianthifolia, Dialium schlechteri, Afzelia quanzensis, and Hyphaene natalensis are common.

    Maputaland coastal forest mosaic

  • The species utilized are usually Cleistanthus schlechteri and Newtonia hildebrandtii, the two sand forest dominants, and data indicates that these trees grow exceedingly slowly with low capacity for regeneration.

    Maputaland coastal forest mosaic

  • Cleistanthus schlechteri and Newtonia hildebrandtii consistently dominate the canopy, although C. schlechteri, Hymenocardia ulmoides, Psydrax fragrantissima, and the understorey trees Croton pseudopulchellus and Drypetes arguta are characteristic and largely confined to these forests within the region.

    Maputaland coastal forest mosaic

  • These occur on organic soils in hypo-saline drainage lines and marshes around freshwater lakes usually flooded with slow-flowing water after rains; mangroves, dominated by Bruguieria gymnorrhiza and Avicennia marina; the uniquely well developed coastal dune forest (Mimusops caffra, Grewia occidentalis, Psychotria capensis) which can reach 30 m high and has a dense shrub layer with many lianas; sand forest on relict dunes of highly-leached sands (Newtonia hildebrandtii, Cleistanthus schlechteri); and coastal lowland forest growing to 30 m high on highly leached sands (Strychnos decussata, S. gerrardii); also plantations of Pinus elliottii.

    Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, South Africa


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