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  • Geology Irregular dark or light streaks in plutonic igneous rock that differ in composition from the principal mass.
  • Regions of a transparent medium, as of a flowing gas, that are visible because their densities are different from that of the bulk of the medium.

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  • n. Regions of a fluid having different refractive index because of their different density
  • n. Irregular streaks of different composition in some igneous rocks

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  • In petrography, streaks or irregularly shaped portions of an igneous rock which differ in texture or composition from the main mass.


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German, pl. of Schliere, from dialectal Shliere, streaks, from Middle High German slier, mud, slime, from Old High German sclierrun, pieces, bits.

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German streaks


  • I have some old schlieren photos in my office showing you how terrible.


  • Just schlieren video showing variation in the refractive index of fluids due to changes in density with temperature. - Articles related to Delhi still battling heat wave

  • Researchers measured the wake of the rotor using a technique known as retro-reflective background oriented schlieren. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Dr. Gary Settles explains how his schlieren photography studio documents a candle's warmth and the way dogs sniff.


  • This parameter allows the sample liquid to settle and to remove streaks/schlieren, especially with long-path cells.

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  • Photo courtesy of Dr. Gary Settles Dr. Gary Settles, director of Pennsylvania State University's gas dynamics laboratory, used the schlieren photography technique to capture an image of a cough. local, state, business and sports news

  • Quite simply, if you want poetry to seem contemporary and relevant, this kind of design (and good design in general) can make all the difference schlieren photography "takes an invisible phenomenon and turns it into a visible picture."

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  • " And he showed Mott a high-speed schlieren photograph of an unsatisfactory model perched atop a narrow steel pylon, more than a hundred minute wires leading from a hundred sensors mounted on various interior parts of the plane.


  • "This full-scale schlieren image shows the discharge of a .44 Magnum revolver.


  • At The image, published online Oct. 9 by The New England Journal of Medicine, was created by schlieren photography, which "takes an invisible phenomenon and turns it into a visible picture Schlieren is German for" streaks "; in this case it refers to regions of different densities in a gas or a liquid, which can be photographed as shadows using a special technique. influenza and other diseases, surprisingly little is known about them.

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