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  • adj. superlative form of schlocky: most schlocky.


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  • A crowded convention center floor, clearly, is not place to display or look at art works, mixed higgledy-piggledy with thousands of others, all of wildly divergent quality which ranges from the schlockiest of schlock to the occasional surprising new discovery or the familiar masterpiece.

    Peter Clothier: At The 2011 Los Angeles Art Fair: Yisrael K Feldsott

  • In her latest efforts, she's taken thrift-store tchotchkes - the schlockiest of bird and pig ceramics - and cocooned them in . . . stockings and fabric.

    Familiar favorites: Once more, with feeling

  • So my fondness for the genre originated from horror books, but when we moved to a bigger town and a house with electricity I remember renting the schlockiest horror movies I could find with a high school friend!

    Interview with Fatally-Yours Founder Sarah Jahier

  • Even the schlockiest talk show hosts have the decency to hire staffers to read the most ephemeral of press materials.

    Thomas M. Disch Found Dead : Edward Champion’s Reluctant Habits

  • Somehow, even in the tackiest, schlockiest, cheesiest country on earth, the tackiest, schlockiest, cheesiest retailer could not survive.

    American Beat: Cheese Nation No More

  • Both were produced by Joe Pasternak, who was MGM's schlockiest producer of musicals but whose films were probably more consistently popular than Freed's.

    Archive 2007-04-01

  • And so, in some loopy way, this schlockiest of schlock directors, who appears to know as much about the emotional lives of contemporary Americans as Norman Rockwell, may well have managed to strike, accidentally or intentionally, a chord that resounds deep within his audience.

    Drowntown Local

  • From his lame jokes about Charlie Sheen, "The Tourist" and Scientology to the uncomfy bit of open warfare between the host and the press association that puts on Tinseltown's schlockiest award show, you kept hoping the crowd would rise up and pummel Gervais Chronicle

  • Then, at one minute to nine - timing so unfortunate that even the schlockiest Hollywood producer would have rejected it as a corny attempt at foreshadowing - a massive storm hit, tearing down trees, bringing mass panic, death, destruction and denial.

    Budapest Times

  • The movie is played out entirely in a first-person perspective, and if the trailer is anything to go by it will feature some of the schlockiest acting and dodgy English voice-over work that we've come across in a while - but in a 'so bad that it is good' way.

    Latest from PALGN


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