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  • n. Someone who is lazy, slovenly, or dull-looking.


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From Yiddish שלומפּ (shlump, "stupid, foolish, or inept person")


  • —Mets vice-president of media relations Jay Horwitz is, self admittedly, "a little bit of a schlump."

    Three Mets Decades, Only Two Days Off

  •   Just a few stalks will have a round-shouldered, introverted schlump like me oozing androsterone out of every pore!

    Celery: Viva Veggie Viagra!

  • Mr. Lane, who started out in journalism helping compile Forbes magazine's billionaire scorecards, is an ingenuous narrator who likes to remind the reader that he was essentially a schlump living in a fourth-floor walkup while his glossies burnished the egos and tweaked the appetites of Wall Street's new wildcatters.

    Published and Perished

  • And for all the attention and hype and fans who wear "Team Aniston" T-shirts, I bet she misses those days when she could just sit in the dark and be a schlump.

    Ken Levine: The Billionth Article on Jennifer Aniston

  • Yes, Stump was almost eclipsed by the competition, by the other dogs competing in Best in Show, a standard poodle, a Scottish terrier, a puli, a Brussels griffon and a Scottish deerhound, but Stump proved to be no schlump.

    Erica Heller: The Year of the Geezer: The Triumph of Stump, the Sussex Spaniel

  • True, he usually plays more of a Type-B schlump than a Type-A captain, but he's cast as the Green Hornet to be directed by Michel Gondry, the antithesis of J. J. Abrams, so we'll see how he pulls off superherodom.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • Mr. Rogen, who's often cast as a likable schlump, gives an edgy, brave performance, making not even the faintest plea for audience understanding or sympathy.

    In 'Observe,' Rogen Is Memorably Superbad

  • Forgive me if the comics are unfunny or boring or whatever, Im in a schlump right now.

    dailycomic Diary Entry

  • The answer is probably the poor schlump taxpayers in Michigan and Florida, who already have financed two primaries that don't count.

    CNN Transcript Mar 5, 2008

  • * Fred is physically unattractive and kind of a schlump.

    The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : Our secret dossier revealed


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