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  • noun Plural form of schlump.


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  • Now my attention is drawn to a white-bearded, round-shouldered man whose stomach schlumps over his belt.

    In the Fullness of Time

  • While they may occasionally feign interest, most of the people who make financial news aren't really curious about the schlumps in the media trade.

    Remembering Bruce Wasserstein

  • Like studly types or schlumpy guys like accountants with like you know really strange-looking schlumps?

    CNN Transcript Dec 16, 2009

  • What's billed as a meet for the fittest in truth has a second division of schlumps.

    The Glory of Just Showing Up

  • But what about the rest of us poor schlumps out on the street when she comes barrelling down at 100 miles an hour?

    CNN Transcript Jul 27, 2007

  • Presumably Clinton's avatar is too important to get around like the rest of us schlumps in Second Life.

    Hillary Clinton in Second Life

  • Do we have enough info to determine whether they are “martyrs” on their way to that bevvy of virgins in the hereafter? or whether they were just poor schlumps sick of Kraft mac and cheese?

    Firedoglake » FDL Late Nite: Getting Lucky in Vegas

  • There is nowhere for schlumps and humps to hide, and you have to wear a slim top with it, as well as decorous court shoes. - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph

  • Ugh pretty boring schlumps again but Alex the dude is alright.


  • The country was formed as a confederated republic and we'll never be able or want to depart from those origins without becoming soviet schlumps addicted to the opiate of socialist handouts and victimhood, which in spite of the current administration and congress's attempts, will meet extreme resistance with the American people and their entrepreneurial spirit.



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