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  • adj. Fancy, especially in a contrived or pretentious fashion.


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schm- +‎ fancy


  • It makes it sound high-end hoity-toity fancy-schmancy, that is so snobnoxious that it calls itself a foodie right in your face. *bristle* The funny thing is, Foodies is absolutely the opposite of what I ever imagined, and the restaurant matches less the word “foodie” and more the feel of the sign out front that’s bright blue and canary yellow, in a typeface that looks like the title for a Sunday comic strip.

    Archive 2005-04-01

  • Here we have it ... and do feel free to marvel at the fancy-schmancy descriptors, too:

    Ending the Suspense

  • And it's hard to cook fancy schmancy when you are camping!

    Denise Vivaldo: Elizabeth Taylor: Good Manners Never Go Out of Style

  • Second: renting out MoMA for a fancy schmancy dinner afterward with Satur Farms crimson and yellow beet salad, Niman Ranch Filet Mignon and a lemon crème brulee napoleon—plus a bottle of Champagne on the way out?

    Clamoring for Glamour

  • I'm not schmancy enough to dispense culinary advice—though you may want to flip over that steak, or sausage, or locavore unicorn, or whatever it is—but it's important to have a Fourth of July game, too.

    The 22 Rules of Backyard Wiffle

  • Same goes for the guns I buy, I'd love some fancy-schmancy import but I get by just fine with good old USA shootin 'irons.

    Petzal's Picks For New Hunting Fashions

  • Two days after getting my fingerprint recorded for our new fancy-schmancy 3-point entry system (passcode, smartcard reader, fingerprint reader), I cut my finger.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Words I never expected to write

  • Mat Leave Monday is that my fancy schmancy guide to maternity leave is now available, thanks be to Bob.

    » The Emperor Has No Clothes

  • Curse you and your fancy-schmancy technological wonders, Dependable Renegade!

    Christ on a cracker! « Dating Jesus

  • Actually, those fancy schmancy lightbulbs contain lots of mercury.

    Obama announces new energy efficiency measures


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