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  • n. a stupid person, a fool, a nincompoop


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From Yiddish שמענדריק (shmendrik), from the name of a character in the operetta Shmendrik, oder Die komishe Chaseneh (Schmendrik or The Comical Wedding) by Avrom Goldfaden


  • To say I felt like the village schmendrick would be a gross understatement.

    The road to Poitiers

  • Sharon Bush lover trolls get paid to post on TP, but there are a few who post just to make trouble for free. “schmendrick” is one who likes to post crap and pick fights the kind that TP must ban.

    Think Progress » Neoconservatives Take Aim At Pentagon, Kristol Calls Gates Testimony ‘Pretty Pathetic’

  • Some schmendrick named "Munger" turns hater on Walmart.

    Never Too Late to Hate....WalMart!

  • TP could you please delete schmendrick posts – I find his manners and language deeply disturbing

    Think Progress » Everything is Unacceptable.

  • But my question is, why is Bill Bixby, alias Rachel B, allias schmendrick, and a thousand more aliias allowed to post yet?

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: January 17, 2007

  • The British "Office" is much more subtle, and much funnier than the American version ... because you sort of want the boss to succeed even if he's a schmendrick, while in the American version, he just comes across as a jerk.

    omnidirectional antennae

  • I'm just another schmendrick that used to be in a goy band!

    Tablet Magazine

  • Actually, that’s not fair, as the last few years have found Broderick playing everything from a putz (The Stepford Wives) to a yutz (Marie & Bruce) to a schmendrick (Finding Amanda) to a schmuck (Then She Found Me).

    My Year of Flops

  • Even though the pecadillos date back to long before he took over from Tony Blair, & even though MPs of all parties were dipping into public funds for yard work, non-existent mortgage payments & packets of crisps, he’s the one standing there looking like the village schmendrick, trying to decide where he might possibly find a high road to take, as his cabinet ministers are being forced to resign in disgrace.

    Brown the buffoon

  • There’s now a totally new and never ever before seen schmendrick in our midst!

    Think Progress » Bush’s rallying cry backfires.


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