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  • n. Plural form of schoolbus.


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  • By the same token, his latest commentary about segregated schoolbuses, on one reading, is just a call for a "colourblind" America in an era of racial polarization that he blames Obama for perpetuating.

    Archive 2009-09-01

  • Blustering and melodramatic, the afternoon rains cause traffic jams at once terrible—choked with the black smoke of lorries and the screeching brakes of schoolbuses—and beautiful: aglow with winding lines of watery yellow headlights that go on forever, with blue streetlamps reflected in burgeoning puddles, with the fluorescent melancholy of empty roadside stalls.

    Archive 2009-11-01

  • Suicide bombs exploded in the nightclubs, schoolbuses, pizzerias, etc...

    Dear wanks: What exactly is it with you and Israel, anyway?

  • Whereas most Palestinian children were injured in cross-fire while being used as human shields, the Israeli children were deliberately maimed by roadside bombs set by terrorists on Israeli schoolbuses.


  • The county's white schoolchildren already had 30 schoolbuses at their disposal.

    A Dream Deferred

  • A labor contractor is a guy with two old schoolbuses and Spanish fluency, who will bring a work crew to prune or pick.

    Fred's exit...

  • Roads to provide access in a community – access for grocery supply trucks, for ambulances, for schoolbuses, for police cars, for trips to the gym, etc, etc, – are not usually paid for through fuel taxes and tolls, but rather through community tax assessments.

    Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » The Rail Transit Debacle

  • However, you neglected to mention a sadly overlooked factor intensifying this problem -- the pollution from dirty diesel schoolbuses.

    Mail Call And Corrections: Important Concerns Facing Today's Kids

  • According to a recent Yale University study, children riding schoolbuses may be exposed to five to 15 times more soot than normal ambient levels.

    Mail Call And Corrections: Important Concerns Facing Today's Kids

  • Approximately 25 million American children ride to school every day on about 450,000 schoolbuses.

    Mail Call And Corrections: Important Concerns Facing Today's Kids


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