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  • n. A schoolchild, a kid who attends school; a schoolboy or schoolgirl.


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school +‎ kid


  • One in five of the country's population is a schoolkid, which is fairly high worldwide and very high for nations in that region.

    Word Around the Net

  • The yellow handwritten note is some kind of schoolkid drama involving Antonio and Tessa – somebody shouldn’t go to somebody else’s party because they’re going to see a third somebody, that kind of thing.

    Street Flotsam, El Segundo CA « Pennamite

  • Then there's all those people who spray stuff like Roundup around their abodes (or rental properties) rather than simply pull the "weeds" or pay (or barter with) some schoolkid to do it for them.

    How much atrazine, from forest to faucet? (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • What would it be like to be an American schoolkid today or a kid anywhere on Earth for that matter if you could look up at the lights of cities on the moon and see reports on your cell phone of our expanding presence on Mars?

    Rick Tumlinson: Big Ideas in Small Times

  • I think this is a terrible shame; while I agree with the underlying reasons for school uniforms (principally to minimise bullying due to discrepancies in how much parents can afford to spend on branded clothing), there is a proud British schoolkid tradition of subverting uniform codes to rebel against authority and express individuality, and diverse tie styles are a large part of that.

    Archive: Oct 08 - Mar 09

  • "A typical schoolkid is three times more likely to be struck by lightning than to be shot by a classmate," he writes, "yet schools continue to guard against it as if it could happen at any second," with absurd zero-tolerance policies if not armed guards.

    Gift Guide: Humor

  • Every schoolkid also learns, at a somewhat older age, of the run-up to the Civil War — how the nation became polarized on the issue of slavery, and the southern states became convinced that they would be overwhelmed by the rising number of northern states and northern voters.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ungovernable America

  • Every schoolkid also learns about the Great Compromise made during the writing of the Constitution: two legislative houses, one to represent the people directly, the other to represent the states directly.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ungovernable America

  • Every schoolkid learns that the United States of America is not a true democracy.

    Matthew Yglesias » Ungovernable America

  • Radcliffe may be a lantern-jawed 22-year-old leading man, and Watson a 21-year-old fashion maven, but the memory of those schoolkid personas – owlish and goody-two-shoes respectively – will stick around for ever.

    The arts in 2012: life after Twilight and Harry Potter


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