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  • April 9, 2008 at 4:37 pm schroedinger am awlreddee in himz finul bawx depe in teh grownd.

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  • That common feature is the fact that many people find both activities fun. schroedinger is making the reasonable statement that if there's something most people find fun, he feels sorry for eccentrics who can't share in the joy.

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  • Maybe DU was just making a snarky joke, but -- taken literally -- he's confused. schroedinger wasn't implying that sex is like "The Muppets."

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  • Also, yes, Onion article. schroedinger -- asexuality, at least as I understand it from this article, doesn't mean that his body doesn't have sexual urges -- leading to masturbation -- it means that those urges are unrelated to any kind of sexual Post-postscript: No, no, wait six or seven years.

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  • You're a pervert to even suggest such a thing. schroedinger: I can't help but feel a little sorry for him, in the way that I feel bad for people who don't like dogs or the Muppets.

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  • I wouldn't blame the web for your decision to stop reading, schroedinger.

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  • But seriously, good stuff. schroedinger: That part of Magazine Street is a hip shopping district

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  • ยท schroedinger: components of V evaluated point-wise in QPs miscellaneous updates:

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  • You probably don't know why your buddy asked this woman to marry him - he could have been lonely, tired of the dating scene, liked her smile and figured what the heck ... frankly, as said above, it could be anything, and it's really none of your business, as long as the marriage is doing well now. schroedinger is right: The modern western conception of marriage a relatively new thing and, frankly, its track record isn't stunningly good.

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  • What is the difference between quantum mechanics molecular mechanics quantum mechanics aims to solve the schroedinger equation for a set of electrons that must move around on a certain framework of nuclei. thus what you are finding is the electronic structure of a molecule. quantum mechanical methods can be used to predict molecular structure, because you can propose a wide spectrum of structures, calculate their electronic structures and relative energies, and then pick the one with the lowest energy. there is commercial software that will do that.

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