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  • adj. Obsolete form of scientific.


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  • "What we were doing out in that Country together was brave, scientifick beyond my understanding, and ultimately meaningless," Cherrycoke remarks of Mason and Dixon's mission at one point, and some readers may feel this to be a fair summary of the book itself.


  • On the other hand, our biology faculty will be glad to know that one popular advice book to young ladies warbles that "connected with the nurture of flowers, is the delightful study of Botany, which imparts new attraction to the summer sylvan walk, and prompts both to salubrious exercise and scientifick research."

    Educating Daisy: Some Observations on the Education of Women in the Nineteenth Century South

  • I would have willingly hazarded all dangers to have been your companion, but as that was not permitted you must console me in your absence by a Recital of all your adventures, tho methinks I would not have them in all respects too similar to those related of your venerable Colleigue, Whose Mentor like appearence, age and philosiphy must certainly lead the polite scientifick Ladies of

    Letter from Abigail Adams to John Adams, 30 June 1778 draft, with one enclosure

  • To works, however, of which the excellence is not absolute and definite, but gradual and comparative; to works not raised upon principles demonstrative and scientifick, but appealing wholly to observation and experience, no other test can be applied than length of duration and continuance of esteem.

    Preface to Shakespeare

  • I mean the perspicuity with which he has expressed abstract scientifick notions.

    Life Of Johnson

  • The master of the house, thinking it proper to introduce something scientifick into the conversation, addressed him thus: 'Are you a botanist, Dr. Johnson:' 'No, Sir, (answered Johnson,) I am not a botanist; and,

    Life Of Johnson

  • The difference at present between theory and practice is totally misunderstood, if it be supposed to imply a possible fallibility in scientifick rules.

    Address to the Senior Class and Before the Audience Assembled at the Annual Commencement on the 28th of June, 1827.

  • One of its excellencies has always struck me with peculiar admiration: I mean the perspicuity with which he has expressed abstract scientifick notions.

    Life of Johnson, Volume 1 1709-1765

  • I do not wish to raise the envy of the unsuccessful collectors, by too pompous a display of my scientifick wealth, but cannot forbear to observe, that there are few regions of the globe which are not honoured with some memorial in my cabinets.

    The Rambler, sections 55-112 (1750-1751); from The Works of Samuel Johnson in Sixteen Volumes, Vol. IV

  • His criticism is condemned as tentative or experimental, rather than scientifick; and he is considered as deciding by taste [202] rather than by principles.

    Lives of the Poets, Volume 1


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