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  • noun zoology Any member of the Scincidae.

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  • noun alert agile lizard with reduced limbs and an elongated body covered with shiny scales; more dependent on moisture than most lizards; found in tropical regions worldwide


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  • The scincid lizard genus Nannoscincus Günther from New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific: A review of the morphology and distribution of species in The Nannoscincus Mariei species group, including the description of three new species from the Province Nord.

    Biological diversity in New Caledonia

  • The island is currently home to a single endemic terrestrial vertebrate, the scincid lizard

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  • Brandley MC, Schmitz A, Reeder TW (2005) Partitioned Bayesian analyses, partition choice, and the phylogenetic relationships of scincid lizards.

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  • Because the Plestiodon fossil record, and the record of fossil skinks in general, are extremely poor, we used three fossil calibration age prior distributions from non-scincid fossil taxa whose phylogenetic placement in the squamate tree was recently inferred

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  • Planet earth dvd i was characteristically aspirant that i was the trenchantly antibacterial on the scincid, i was valedictory by the nyasaland of the hymnbook condylar by the required phyllium.

    Rational Review

  • Rapid and repeated limb loss in a clade of scincid lizards

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