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  • n. For Middle English and dialectal words so beginning, see under sl-.


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  • Kth Clmnts stl th scl scrt nmbr f hs frmr dghtr n lw nd btnd svrl crdt crds. I Predict this Bill Will Be Really Popular

  • Y d nt pssss mpth, y d nt pssss mtn, dspt wht th md wld lk s t blv, nd y thn hv th gll t ccs mn f ll ths thngs. ll yr scl ntrctn wth thrs s bsd n dcptn nd mnts t lttl mr thn pssng cntst btwn y nd th rst f yr gndr, whthr y r cnscs f ths fct r nt.

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  • He fecl the noble a concoction of hints and whispers suggesting that Kogaina had plans for his own allies, when their mutual scl-ierne had gone through.


  • The factors of the anterior cava on either side are an external jugular (ex. j.) an innominate vein (in. v.) and subclavian (scl. v.).

    Text Book of Biology, Part 1: Vertebrata

  • Block name is auto-adjusted, if possible, to align with an underlying wire. xy xy insertion point coordinate, nil = user prompted for insertion point. scl scale (nil = 1.0) options 1's bit set = pop open "INSERT/EDIT" dialog box after insertion.

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  • Comment from scl computer (not verified) on Tue, 06/22/2010 -

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  • You might want to look at some other more general component insertion API calls, for example (c: wd_insym2 sym xy scl options).

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  • The expression of scl and lmo2 in the ICM (a-d, a'-d '), and that of gata-2 in the blood island (e, f), is indicated by arrowheads.

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  • Control and TERT morphants were analyzed for the expression of scl, lmo2 and gata-2, which are early hematopoietic markers.

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  • At 19 hpf (20-somite stage), the expression of stem cell leukemia (scl), which is known to form a multimeric complex with lmo2 and gata-2, indicates the initiation of hematopoietic stem cell formation

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