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  • n. Plural form of sclerite.


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  • Halkieriids are Cambrian animals that looked like slugs in scale mail; often when they died their scales, called sclerites, dissociated and scattered, and their sclerites represent a significant component of the small shelly fauna of the early Cambrian.

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  • [3] The exoskeleton is made up of many plates which are called sclerites, and are separated by thin sutures.

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  • Like the halkieriids, it has an anterior shell but not a posterior one, and like the wiwaxiids, it has long spiky sclerites.

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  • Wiwaxiids were also sluglike, but sported very prominent, long sclerites, and lacked the anterior and posterior shells; their exact position in the evolutionary tree has bounced about quite a bit, but some argument has made that they belong in the annelid ancestry, and that their sclerites are homologous to the bristly setae of worms.

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  • Edit do the sclerites resemble the modern calcareous plates of chitons? kay

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  • Like Vetustovermis, Kimberella has many structures crenellations that may have been gills, has a broad flat foot, showing metamerism, and its shell bears many impressions, which may be the remains of sclerites or spicules.

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  • Axillae: two small, subtriangular sclerites at the lateral basal angles of the meso-scutellum in Proctytripidae.

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  • Hypopharyngeal sclerites: in bees, a pair of strap-like pieces along the hypopharynx to the mentum: see also epipharyngeal sclerites.

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  • Apophystegal plates: Orthoptera; flattened blade or plate-like sclerites covering the gonapophyses.

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  • Parapsidae: the small sclerites on each side of the scutellum in

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