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  • noun Alternative spelling of scops owl.


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  • Two bird species in the ecoregion are considered threatened: the Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) (endangered) and the Javan scops-owl (Otus angelinae) (vulnerable).

    Eastern Java-Bali montane rain forests

  • The bird fauna consists of more than 450 species, including four near-endemic species and one endemic species, the Simeulue scops-owl (Otus umbra) (Table 2).

    Sumatran lowland rain forests

  • Of these, nine bird species are found nowhere else on Earth and four are threatened, including the endangered Javan hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelsi) and the vulnerable volcano swiftlet (Collocalia [Aerodramus] vulcanorum), Javan cochoa (Cochoa azurea), and Javan scops-owl (Otus angelinae).

    Western Java montane rain forests

  • Pemba Island, which is one of BirdLife International's Endemic Bird Areas, has four endemic species: the Pemba white-eye (Zosterops vaughani), Pemba green-pigeon (Treron pembaensis), Pemba sunbird (Nectarinia pembae), and Pemba scops-owl (Otus pembaensis).

    Biological diversity in the coastal forests of Eastern Africa

  • Family Common Name Species Cuculidae Enggano scops-owl* Otus enganensis* Strigidae Mentawai scops-owl* Otus mentawi* Zosteropidae Enggano white-eye* Zosterops salvadorii* An asterisk signifies that the species 'range is limited to this ecoregion.

    Mentawai Islands rain forests

  • Forgotten Species: the haunting whistle of the Anjouan scops-owl News

  • Family Common Name Species Columbidae Mindoro bleeding-heart Gallicolumba platenae* Columbidae Mindoro imperial-pigeon Ducula mindorensis* Cuculidae Black-hooded coucal Centropus steerii* Strigidae Mindoro scops-owl Otus mindorensis* Strigidae Mantanani scops-owl Otus mantananensis Bucconidae Mindoro hornbill Penelopides mindorensis* Pachycephalida Green-backed whistler Pachycephala albiventris Laniidae Mountain shrike Lanius validrostris* Turdidae Ashy thrush Zoothera cinerea Muscicapidae Luzon redstart Rhyacornis bicolor Dicaeidae Scarlet-collared flowerpecker Dicaeum retrocinctum An asterisk signifies that the species 'range is limited to this ecoregion.

    Mindoro rain forests


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