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  • n. Plural form of scourger.


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  • North Sea waves, he saw the sharp-beaked fighting galleys, and the sea-flung Northmen, great-muscled, deep-chested, sprung from the elements, men of sword and sweep, marauders and scourgers of the warm south-lands!

    CHAPTER 14

  • Inside the barracks there were plum jobs, constables, messengers, scourgers floggers and gatekeepers. those with good behavior were allowed to spend time out of the Barracks after work.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Here after much squabbling with the veteran scourgers of Amin Imambada , our Malad Man gets into the motion of swinging his giant size flagellation blades, in three or perhaps two strokes he had opened up his back and his friends dragged him away from the floor..

    The Blades of Wrath « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • The scourgers and matamdars were left in confusion of my impulsive pictorial attitude..

    The Devadasi Hijdas « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • “King of the Coal River” was quite worn out that the scene terminated by his dismissing all the scourgers upon the spot and sentencing the woodboy to work at the limeburners, by which means Ralph Rashleigh came into possession of the tale.

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • He never travelled a mile to observe the progress made by any working party without being accompanied by two scourgers, who bore an ample supply of their implements of torture; and if his piercing glance detected any flagging from the most arduous exertion on the part of

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • Horror upon horrors, his eye caught that of the commandant, who roared out for a constable, whom he sent off for the scourgers, resolving that this atrocious offence should meet equally prompt and condign punishment.

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • Beside these implements was placed a table, at which sat apparently a clerk; and four scourgers stood beside the triangles, having their instruments of torture laid in fell array upon a long bench near them.

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • “Captain” cursed and swore like a maniac that neither one nor the other of the scourgers was striking at all!

    Ralph Rashleigh

  • “Charles Chattey” stood foremost on this black beadroll, and when this name was shouted by the stentorian lungs of one of the scourgers, a little duck-legged Londoner stood forth.

    Ralph Rashleigh


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