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  • n. Diarrhea in horses and cattle caused by intestinal infection.
  • n. A place where wool was washed and cleaned.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of scour.

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  • n. diarrhea in livestock


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  • It’s called scours or shipping fever and it comes from stress, like your hamster.

    Hamster; Dance – The Bleat.

  • Dogs, when constipated, will search for and devour the long, lanceolate blades of couch-grass (_Triticum repens_); horses and mules, when they have "scours," eat clay; cattle with the "scratches" have been seen to plaster hoof and joint with mud, and then stand still until the healing coating dried out and became firm; and elephants have been known, time and again, to plug up shot holes in their bodies with moistened earth. [

    The Dawn of Reason or, Mental Traits in the Lower Animals

  • The artist Miguel Calderón, whom I befriended a year earlier, keeps a stash of canned beer near a speaker and scours the room to find me a date.

    Down and Delirious in Mexico City

  • As a result, dedicated staff members monitor the restaurant's cleanliness daily; chefs are not allowed to leave until a manager signs off on their stations; and every Sunday, the staff scours the entire restaurant, breaking down the shelving and refrigerators as part of a "deep clean."

    Few Restaurants Achieve Perfection

  • It's not about the cost of materials: he scrounges and scours flea markets and online auctions for things that can apply to the tables.

    Roasting Rich and Famous

  • Proposals are being mooted on two fronts: one could establish a new version of the Internet Watch Foundation IWF – the organisation which presently scours the net for illegal images of children, obscene adult content and "non-photographic child sexual abuse hosted in the UK" – to deal with illicit filesharing; the other would put Google and the government on a collision course.

    Illegal filesharing: web blocking measures in the dock

  • Since last October, France has set up an Internet piracy police service that scours the Web for people downloading films and music illegally.

    Fortify Copyrights, Europe Artists Say

  • Every day, the online team scours pricing of online electronics rivals and adjusts the prices of thousands of its online-only items.

    Retailers Try to Thwart Price Apps

  • Peter Liversidge scours the streets for any old junk as long as it is yellow for his shelf exhibit.

    This week's new exhibitions

  • When it comes time for Westminster, he simply holes up for a couple of days and scours the corners of the Internet occupied by canine enthusiasts and dog show publications.

    Care to Wager on the Dogs? Vegas Sets the Odds


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