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  • adj. Covered with sparse vegetation; scrubby: "We can stand . . . and look out toward the scrabbled, snow-covered mountains in the west” ( Russell Banks).

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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of scrabble.


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  • About a year ago, they did work on rats with an antibody called l-1, and the rats kind of scrabbled around.

    CNN Transcript Oct 17, 2004

  • Never did duster flap more briskly than the one Rose used that day, and never was a room "scrabbled" to rights in such haste as hers.

    Eight Cousins

  • The cries of boys and gods mingled as Steve and his friend scrabbled away and fled back down the hill.


  • Plucky researchers had scrabbled to find a Traveller wedding to juxtapose with Kate and William's.

    My Big Fat Royal Gypsy Wedding and William and Kate: In Their Own Words

  • Maybe shrews have scrabbled its narrowed neck and birds pecked its silver lid, hoping for the tender fruits inside.

    A bottle of raspberries

  • Eir and Garm struggled to stay upright as the ice cave shook, and Big Snaff and Big Zojja scrabbled to keep from falling into the chasm.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • Hands shaking, breath whistling in and out of her throat in half-sobs, she scrabbled frantically in the bathroom drawers.


  • His mind scrabbled for a reason why she would be in New Orleans instead of at her desk in FBI headquarters in D.C. She was years and many pay grades away from field work.

    Etched in Bone

  • My thoughts scrabbled fretfully over one another or else they dripped so slowly there seemed large blank spaces between them, and I would stare at whatever was in front of me, as though life were a dull slide show.

    Out from under my brother's dark shadow

  • He scrabbled frantically at the stucco wall with fingernails and feet to find a purchase.

    Going Home Today


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