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  • adjective superlative form of scratchy: most scratchy.


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  • The rice hulls were probably the scratchiest addition a good reason why spent grain tends not to be eaten by people is its coarseness, but the rye grains, according to some of the brewers, were at least more soft and pliable than the barley.

    Sourdough & Spent Grain Bread

  • She, of course, chose the scratchiest wool she could find in the brightest color available.

    2007 February « A Bird’s Nest

  • She, of course, chose the scratchiest wool she could find in the brightest color available.

    Wavy « A Bird’s Nest

  • I've had to use the thinnest, scratchiest bathroom toilet paper, the kind that isn't even one-ply, it's like half-ply, to clean up my poopy sons in restaurant bathrooms.

    Hold The Mustard

  • (One of the earliest and scratchiest recordings of the human voice ever made is of Lord Tennyson himself reading this poem, and the impression of hollow declaiming down a long, dark tunnel from the depths of the past seems eerily appropriate.)

    The God Delusion

  • Hadn't he pulled off races on the scratchiest of polo ponies, when he couldn't afford better, out of sheer intention?

    The Dark Tower

  • Martin says: Tubby saved his career with one of the scratchiest hundreds I've ver seen back in 1997! | Top Stories

  • It was one of his scratchiest but there he was once more when the last wicket fell, 147 to his name after defiance for 361 balls, the eleventh of his hundreds that had the star against it.

    Stabroek News

  • But w h e n it comes to writing, they will u n t h i n k i n g l y use the dullest, scratchiest pencil or pen.

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows

  • There's no mistaking we're back in the Ubu sound world-but along with the signature electronic dissonance and stabbing, post-punk guitar, there's a touch of the gallows theatricality of the Birthday Party and the dustbowl holler of Tom Waits at his scratchiest.



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