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  • n. Plural form of screamfest.


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  • Scarborough, who resigned from Congress in 2001, is getting the GQ profile treatment now because he's become "the conservative liberals suddenly think is swell" and "'a neutered, chickified moderate, 'in the words of Rush Limbaugh," and also because his show is "more civilized than the usual screamfests," featuring "the kind of stimulating breakfast conversation anyone might have about the news, if anyone could have the smartest journalists, politicians, and celebrities over for breakfast."

    Pick of the day: 'Thank you for not screaming'

  • The tragedy is what has served as "ideas" and "free speech" on some other progressive sites where the equivalent of what in public would constitute loud and brutish screamfests occurred, often even involving the people in charge who would have been better served to preserve order rather than entering into and sometimes starting verbal brawls.

    OpEdNews - Diary: It's getting better all the time....

  • We need to do something about cable news screamfests where, after half an hour, you don't know what anyone said because no one was able to finish a complete sentence.

    The Herald-Mail Online

  • Though the Internet makes eons of history instantly available, the 24-7, moment-to-moment typhoon of cable screamfests, blogs, tweets, e-mail alerts and "breaking news" graphics makes last week's news feel old, and last month's news feel positively paleolithic.

    In These Times

  • And many of them do it quietly, going about their daily lives and avoiding the screamfests that tend to bring too much attention to the political extremes. - Highschool

  • I am willing to bet that every retiring youth coach utters prayers of thanks for experiencing the last of three things: the "am I going in?" screamfests, the losses to the team coached by a

    NYT > Home Page

  • But can we save those mandatory over the top raucous religious screamfests for Sunday church already. Current News - Top Stories

  • * The White House gets a "high concept" symbol of someone who is anathema to most Democrats and many independent voters - and also to some young people who consider right and left rage-filled screamfests over "liberal" and "conservative" and how the other political party is full of personified demons lame.

    The Moderate Voice

  • As such, it's a delightfully sprawling mess of atonal freak-folk screamfests, clattering dub zone-outs, and, occasionally, fantastically badass riff-rockers.

    Miami New Times | Complete Issue

  • To the Washington punditburo, any move that gets media attention and that gets people on screamfests like Hardball (a show that almost no one outside the Beltway watches) is seen as a successful political tactic, regardless of how much of a diversion it is from the goal of actually ending the war, regardless of the fact that most Americans have never even heard of this "controversy" or the Moveon ad "controversy" in the first place.

    With "Progressives" Like These, Who Needs Enemies?


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