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  • Joe Lieberman will be impeached and disbarred from ever serving in public office by having betrayed his scred oath of office and will be removed from office: shortly; by order of the United States Supreme Court when they take my brief and motion from me and my lawyers: the Sons of the New Philadelphia; Arlen Specter and Constitutional law experts now having taken underwriting the brief.

    OpEdNews - Diary: Joe Lieberman: The Judas of America and the Betrayal of his Sworn Duty

  • His myriad moods , his emotions, his perseverance his single mindedness and every time he held the dagger in his hand he was never scred, and I wish Mr Shiv Malik of New Statesman sees these pictures..

    2008 February 06 « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • F'rinstance: all the 'experts' in the book on the concept of the scred feminine are men.

    Randomness - And She Knits Too!

  • We then cut two hazel fishing rods, tied a line and hook to each, baited the hooks with a scred of the pork, and then going down the stream, till we came to a pool at a bend, crept carefully up to the verge of the bank and gently dropped in our hooks.

    When Life Was Young At the Old Farm in Maine

  • Baiting again, I tossed in and caught a fourth in less time than it had taken me to cut off the scred of pork.

    When Life Was Young At the Old Farm in Maine

  • \The kiwi became flight less due to adaptation, there was one major predator apparently the biggest raven/falcon to ever live on this planet the kiwi used to hide out in the bushes and never flew scred to get captured the predator was hug apparently could pick up humans, the maori killed them off TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at

  • But if you remove her latex face, kids might be scred shitless.

    Anime Nano!

  • In the A-Team game, Blaine Beaird scred 18 points for Westbrook (7-1) while Evan Gregerson and Steven Barnard each scored six.

    Local News from Gadsden Times

  • Srinivasan K, Prime Point Foundation, prpoint@gmail. com scred heart, Hgf sefsdfs@yahoo. om


  • Yes | No | Report from dave the bowhunter wrote 24 weeks 5 days ago ive used them cameras for quite a while now and in one spot where theres alot of deer all the time, i got alot of pictures of deer hanging around, and i left the camera there longer pretty soon that spot went dead and never hardly got another deer on it, then the next year i didnt set a camera there and and the deer hung around all the time with out disaperaing, ever, the next year i set it there again and got alot of pictures of deer but pretty soon i wasnt getting any again after a while, i done this more then once to. i think the deer no whats up and slowly disapeared .i know when the camera wasnt there over a period i seen deer there all the time, when it was there working they slow disapeared, ,just my opinion i always thought the flash scred them off too

    Camera-Shy Deer?


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