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  • n. Plural form of screenful.


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  • We all get it, and most of us end up blindly accepting, rather than wading through screenfuls of legalese.

    Robert Klitzman, M.D.: 'Just Sign the Form': Informed Consent, Medical Research and You

  • That's useful to those of us who have downloaded a bunch of iPhone apps; I've now got five screenfuls of icons/links and counting.

    Apple releases software update for iPhone

  • If you go over two screenfuls, you virtually guarantee that people will scroll down, see that it's over two screenfuls, and either just say, "Screw it," or else put you on their "read later" list (i.e., forget to come back and read your post).

    Statement of Purpose

  • A mobile who tells you the story in screenfuls of dialogue you have to page through.

    Medium Rare

  • Until recently, "chatting" on the Web meant typing -- typically, screenfuls of scrolling repartee like: "The 49ers looked pretty good in the second half, didn't they?"

    Talk, Talk, Talk

  • It's the overload problem - how to deal with rss feeds and screenfuls of search results?

    Internet News: March 2008 Archives

  • Well, wouldn't you know it—Death Race starts with screenfuls of text describing the setting of the movie, and it is just another thump in the clunkatron that this movie is.

    Death Race

  • Usually, she was surprised, since the boxes of instructions often had cool things that she didn't know about, since she'd just zipped straight past them, mashing the button to make the mean ol 'screenfuls of words go away.

    Go, Roger Ebert!

  • I'd say two screenfuls of links is about right, displayed with the kind of one-off annotations you provided on your blog today.

    Pop Experiments

  • The British Post Office inaugurated a Prestel system that gave subscribers access to 160,000 pages, or television screenfuls, of information.



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