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  • n. The larva of the screwworm fly.

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  • n. The larva of the fly Cochliomyia hominivorax (new world screwworm) or Chrysomya bezziana (old word screwworm). The larva can be parasitic in humans and animals and are distinctive in eating living flesh of mammals unlike most maggots which eat only dead flesh.


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  • He oversaw a program to battle screwworm, the larvae of a fly that lays its eggs in the wounds of an animal.

    Norvan L. Meyer, USDA veterinarian

  • Self-sustaining screwworm populations were eliminated from the United States in 1966.

    Norvan L. Meyer, USDA veterinarian

  • The program used radiation to sterilize millions of screwworm flies.

    Norvan L. Meyer, USDA veterinarian

  • I jumped on Google to find out more about a screwworm spray the lodge staff had mentioned, and found that the product they were ready to spray on Buddy, Mata Bicheira (Portuguese for Bug Killer), is a dangerously strong organophosphate (chemical insecticide).

    Dr. Lucy

  • The screwworm may make howler monkeys leery of fighting with each other over mates or territory.

    Parasite Rex

  • The fight might only be a minor scuffle, but if a monkey gets a scratch, a screwworm could make it the last scuffle it ever has.

    Parasite Rex

  • It has good resistance to ticks and screwworm, and can subsist on forage with a high roughage content.

    1 Microcattle

  • Although the buffalo fly (Siphona exigua) affects the animals, other pests such as the warble fly and the screwworm, for example, seldom affect healthy buffaloes.

    1 Introduction

  • In Venezuelan areas where cattle (Zebu type) are severely infested, adult water buffaloes are virtually free of screwworm larvae and the umbilicus of newborn calves seldom if ever becomes infected.

    7 Health

  • Screwworm - Larvae of the screwworm fly (Callitroge species), a major pest of livestock in Central and South America and some other tropical areas, do not affect adult water buffalo.

    7 Health


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