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  • adj. Like a scribble; roughly scrawled; illegible or messy.


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scribble +‎ -y


  • She drew the girl, I drew the dragons and backgrounds in scribbly pencil, she cleaned up all the lines in Illustrator and colored it and added the blur effect, etc., and now I'll do a little shading.

    Again, I say

  • - Her colouring in has suddenly changed from being scribbly to being very careful and precise, taking notice of the lines.

    2010 May « Mad Dave and Lil

  • If my jerky, scribbly notes from previous Malawi journals -- written in a car while traveling to appointments -- are any indication, I'm sure that the rest of my 9 days here will be much bumpier.

    Charity as a Drop in the Bucket: Day 1

  • Or just a series of scribbly lines -- I'll get the gist of it either way.

    Jilly Gagnon: When I Said "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten," I Meant it Literally

  • In the middle of his chest is a dark mark that looks like the scribbly cross from the stickers.

    Losing Faith

  • It has the same scribbly cross design, but with two large words above and below it, easily readable from a distance.

    Losing Faith

  • I made a scribbly drawing on a large piece of paper that has a lot of text on it, but the only sparkly writing that I've gotten to put on it at the moment is I DO NOT NEED ANYONE'S APPROVAL.

    long post about frustrations I have

  • On the front cover in big, black ink in ugly, scribbly handwriting it says

    Chasing Brooklyn

  • Out went the flaming torch as the party's official emblem; in came the scribbly oak tree in ecofriendly green and blue.

    Toil and Tears

  • Hell, if ye want to spread my scribbly-squick out into the wilds, I positively encourage it.

    Archive 2008-04-01


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