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  • n. Plural form of scriptorium.


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  • So Jenson went for the Carolingian minuscule, but even that was just one example of one person’s interpretation of the contemporary fashion in scriptoria.

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  • Reading, writing and printing managed to survive, allowing for today's lively debate about the intellectual and social consequences of the Internet, which book publishing legend Jason Epstein describes in the NYRB as a "Tech shift orders of magnitude greater than the momentous evolution from monkish scriptoria to movable type."

    Michael Sigman: Google Isn't (Necessarily) Making Us Stupid

  • The point, he says, is that Irish monks, drinking deep from the Latin and Greek of what was called "civilization," gave it out to the world from their scriptoria in the Middle Ages and thus prevented its death.

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  • I set down my lapidary prose during the hours of dawn and dusk, and scribble my immortal thoughts onto parchment scavenged from the scriptoria of monasteries during the Henrician Iconoclasm.

    Writing to know the ending

  • "Pen style" seems to have swept through the scriptoria of English monasteries and beyond, through the influence of several prized, very-early manuscripts, one of which can be traced to England by the year 1000, and to have persisted in various guises for centuries.

    Defined by Line and Tone

  • Many of our best classical texts have come down to us from these monastic scriptoria of the ninth century; practically all extant Latin poetry except Catullus, Tibullus, and Propertius, and nearly all extant Latin prose except Varro, Tacitus, and Apuleius, were preserved for us by the monks of the Carolingian age.

    Charlemagne, King of the Franks, 28 Jan 814

  • Many of the important "insular" manuscripts were in fact produced in the scriptoria of these communities.

    Bobbio Orosius

  • It clinches my thesis once and for all, that the Anglo-Saxon tradition was kept alive in the secret scriptoria of the cathedrals well into the medieval period.

    Crusader Gold

  • Though the scriptoria showed little creativity, many manuscripts were preserved and the foundation was laid for later study.


  • Libraries, studies, scriptoria, laboratories ... through all these Dalamar wandered listlessly and with little interest in what he saw.

    Dalamar the Dark


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