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  • n. Plural form of scrubland.


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  • Western states like Gujarat and Rajasthan get the full brunt of the sun, with famed deserts and scrublands filled with sand dunes, camels and residents who spend hours fetching water from wells.

    India's rural poor give up on power grid, go solar

  • On offroad tracks, meanwhile, the endless scrublands merge with the looming cloudy sky, creating an unexpectedly moody setting for a knockabout weapons-based racer.

    Blur: hands-on with Activision's rocket-powered racer

  • Route 191 in Utah, which runs across flat scrublands between majestic red cliffs.

    America's Fastest Roads

  • Those bands who were not driven westward, including the Lipans, ended up in the bone-dry scrublands of the Texas Trans-Pecos.


  • On the western Navajo range, between Monument Valley and Flagstaff, new lakes appeared in the arid scrublands as if by magic.

    Yellow Dirt

  • The páramo sensu strictu has a predominance of scrublands and low shrubs and the superpáramo has grasses in cushions with scant coverage.

    Santa Marta páramo

  • The lower limit of predominantly shrubby cover is called subpáramo with scrublands and woody species that grade into the Andean forest.

    Santa Marta páramo

  • To be noted in the transition between the upper limit of the forest and the open páramo are the scrublands of Calamagrostis effusa, intermixed with woody shrubs of Arcytophyllum nitidum, Stevia lucida, Escallonia myrtilloides, Hesperomeles lanuginosa.

    Santa Marta páramo

  • In the superpáramo area, vegetation grows in patches, including Raouliopsis seifrizii, Draba sanctae-marthae and in areas more protected from the wind there are scrublands of Valeriana karstenii and rosettes of Perissocaelum purdiei.

    Santa Marta páramo

  • A large part of the subpáramo or lower limit has been altered by burning to expand the scrublands and establish local potato and onion crops.

    Santa Marta páramo


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