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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of scruple.


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  • It is an uneasy alliance, since the betrayal of these Anglican priests has more in common with the dishonesty of the atheist than the scrupled bewilderment of the agnostic.

    2009 December « Anglican Samizdat

  • Knowing my opinion of Bismarck, you may wonder that I don't suspect him of some gigantic Machiavellian double-deal whereby he'd invented the tale of a Holnup plot (to hoax simpletons like me and Kralta) so that Starnberg could murder Franz-Josef with Bismarck's blessing, and start another war - he'd done it before, God knows, twice at least, and wouldn't have scrupled to do it again if it had suited his book.


  • But here, suddenly, is conjured up this portrait of a titan of critical journalism, an embodiment of scrupled integrity -- and this about the same man who has been widely vilified this year, the last few years, for his very failures at exactly these professional values?

    Tim Russert Has Passed Away

  • And the way these tributes turned Russert into a hero of scrupled, critical journalism was just slightly discombobulating.

    Tim Russert Has Passed Away

  • I suspect they think 2000 taught them that victory goes to the side that's the toughest, the scrappiest and the least scrupled, without much thought to how well that worked out for them in the long run.

    Coleman's Lawsuit: This Whole Election Stinks -- And I Won

  • Address "to Conciones ad Populum (November 1795) Coleridge described Robespierre as possessing" a glowing ardor that still remembered the end, and a cool ferocity that never either overlooked, or scrupled, the means.


  • Has the wisest and most conscientious judge ever scrupled to acquiesce in decisions in which he has been overruled by the matured opinions of the majority of his colleagues; and subsequently to conform himself thereto, as to authoritative expositions of the law?

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Would an Act of Congress Be Required to Allow President Obama To Accept the Nobel Peace Prize?

  • But I have not scrupled to dramatize historical matter and thereby to shape its emphases as I see them, or occasionally to change living names and transpose existing places and garble contemporary incidents.

    2009 October « Exile on Ninth Street

  • Highlands; but I should not have scrupled to accept honest


  • ‘God knows,’ said Redgauntlet, in much agitation, ‘I acted for the best when I pressed your Majesty to come hither — I never thought that your Majesty, at such a crisis, would have scrupled, when a kingdom was in view, to sacrifice an attachment, which’ — ‘Peace, sir!’ said Charles; ‘it is not for you to estimate my feelings upon such a subject.’



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