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  • n. One who divines, sees or predicts the future by means of a scrying tool; especially a crystal ball.

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  • n. A crystal-seer.


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From scry +‎ -er


  • It appears that Kelley, who probably did possess some mediumistic powers, the results of which he augmented by means of fraud, interested himself in these experiments, and not only became the doctor's "scryer," but also gulled him into the belief that he was in the possession of the arch-secrets of Alchemy.

    Alchemy: Ancient and Modern

  • Yet there is genuine dramatic frisson delivered by the ice-cold counter-tenor of Christopher Robson as Edward Kelley, the psychic or "scryer" who became Dee's ultimate undoing.

    Dr Dee, Palace Theatre, Manchester | First night review

  • One voice said the magician was the reincarnation of Edward Kelley, the con man scryer who saw the Angels in his visions, with John Dee whispering about it to Queen Elizabeth, using the codes to call the angels/demons in to create a language to use for spying and controlling the world, though never as much as desired.


  • True, she wasn't primarily a scryer nor a far-seer; she hadn't the practice in it that specialists did.

    Music to My Sorrow

  • It is, says Theodore Bestermann in Crystal-Gazing, “a method of bringing into the consciousness of the scryer…the content of his subconsciousness…and of bringing into operation a latent faculty of perception.”

    Experiencing the Next World Now

  • She had learned a new spell, or to be more precise, she had improvised it out of a scrying spell in Sarah's grimoire, that was supposed to use mirrors, linking the mirrors together, like a transmitter and a wireless radio, so that whatever was reflected in the target mirror was reflected in the one that the scryer held.

    Phoenix And Ashes

  • The diversion was a dangerous one, for I am no longer the peerless scryer I used to be, and my own unique talent shielding me from other windwatchers is fading fast, like the other arcane abilities I inherited, all unknowing, from my strange ancestor.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • George's scryer asked, "Do you want to send any messages of your own, sir?"

    Advance and Retreat

  • Bart turned to the scryer dealing with his end of the mystic connection between crystal balls.

    Advance and Retreat

  • George's irony was strong enough to make the scryer flinch.

    Advance and Retreat


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