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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of scud.


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  • As they scudded over the massive construction site where the Twin Towers had once stood, Gideon had to restrain himself from asking Parker what the hell was going on.

    Gideon’s war

  • Fennix tilted his head back to look at the clouds that scudded across the sky as if they had somewhere to be.

    BEYOND THE GATE • by C.L. Holland

  • To take the prize for best purple prose, Mike Pedersen of North Berwick, Maine, relied on a thesaurus'-worth of synonyms:"As his small boat scudded before a brisk breeze under a sapphire sky dappled with cerulean clouds with indigo bases, through cobalt seas that deepened to navy nearer the boat and faded to azure at the horizon, Ian was at a loss as to why he felt blue."

    Wisconsin professor wins 2011 bad writing contest

  • It scudded forward, its scales shivering with anticipation.

    GuildWars Edge of Destiny

  • That time I didn't smell the leather so much as taste it as it scudded off the meat of the bat and shredded my bottom lip.

    Mohinder Amarnath's bravery for India was a lesson for the cricket world | Rob Bagchi

  • But as the minivan called Odyssey began to curl up and down the foothills, low gray clouds scudded past, and an intermittent drizzle started up.

    All Fore One: College pals reunite 35 years later at a golf resort

  • Dr. Warthrop gave up after an hour and joined me by the resurrected fire, where we spoke little and kept our eyes forward and our hands on our weapons, starting at every crack of a twig or stir of a dry leaf, while low-hanging clouds scudded across the sky, diluting the light to an exhausted gray, the cover pushed along by a high wind that shunned the sullen earth.

    The Curse of the Wendigo

  • Clouds scudded across the ceiling, white and beautiful against a summer sky—but trailing black shadows of despair across the floor.

    Blood Ninja II

  • Cloud shadows scudded across the red-tiled roofs and darkened the slender fronds of the royal palm trees on the roadside.

    Let The Dead Lie

  • He stared out of the window, watching the racing rain clouds as they scudded west to catch the mountains.

    A Small Death in the Great Glen


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